Complex Integration | Rising Costs | Shrinking Budgets

In the Healthcare industry, the demand for services are driven by advances in medical care and technology. Unfortunately, existing internal processes can be extremely complex making new integrations difficult and time-consuming. The industry has been experiencing profound cost increases and shrinking budgets, thereby minimizing the argument for new technology. A new technology program would need to address the following challenges:

  • High Availability Networking
  • Compliance Standards
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security
  • Utilities Management
  • Increase Patient Experience
  • Customer and Employee Collaboration

Mittenpunkt understands the need for high regulation of services and care within the healthcare industry. We know that technology must be deployed in a careful and highly organized manner, ensuring hospital-wide adoption and successful integration. We will develop a customized program utilizing preferred technology component partners and the following solutions:

  • Hardened Network Equipment
  • Building Monitoring Systems Design
  • Patient Location Services
  • Secure Data Centers