Application Performance | Inherent Adaptability | High Availability

Your ability to meet growing data needs is imperative not only for storing and maintaining databases of customer intelligence, but also for ensuring uninterrupted computing and application performance.  Many companies, data centers and storage capabilities are built to address current needs, yet they often fall short as time goes on and needs change. Mittenpunkt will utilize sound storage technology and best practices to design and implement a plan including the following solutions:

  • Flash Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Remote/Cloud Backups
  • Data Reduction/Deduplication/Compression

Allow Mittenpunkt to create a cutting-edge storage plan for your company, and you will have a solid system that grows with your company’s unique needs. We will build adaptability and maximized performance into your storage infrastructure to ensure:

  • Optimized IO
  • High Availability
  • Rapid Disaster Recovery